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History of Dulatown Presbyterian Church

Reverend Theophilus Lacy Phillips founded Dulatown Presbyterian Church, the first church of the Dulatown community, June 14, 1922. Reverend Phillips served as minister to the congregation for ten years, ministering in the community’s one-room school. When the congregation out-grew the school building, a plank church building was constructed behind the former church building located on the corner of Dulatown Road and Miller Hill Road. The Sunday School consisted of about fifty members who formed the nucleus from which Reverend Phillips organized the Church. Members were prayerful and faithful in promoting the interests of the Church. Many of the original members were known for never missing prayer meetings and other church services.

Upon Reverend Phillips’ retirement from the pulpit, Reverend Paul Davis from Charlotte, North Carolina, followed him as supply minister of Dulatown Presbyterian Church. Reverend Nesbitt Johnson followed Reverend Davis and served for three years with a vital mission to move the Church forward. He organized a club called “Legatis and Stegatis” that competed in raising money for the advancement of the Church. He was succeeded by Reverend Fredrick Douglas Battle, Sr., a native of Georgia. Reverend Battle served as minister from 1935 to 1968, longer than any other minister at Dulatown Presbyterian Church.

In 1957, with Reverend Battle’s leadership and the community’s support, a new brick church building, which is located at the corner of Dulatown Road and Miller Hill Road, was erected by the men of the Church. James Paul Dula was instrumental in the planning of the new facility, and he, along with Clarence Dula, Sr. supervised the construction.

Reverend Battle and his wife, Hattie, organized Dulatown Presbyterian into a stronger church. They aided in establishing the Men’s Council (1958), the Geneva Fellowship Club, and the Youth Group. Additionally, Reverend Battle engaged in numerous activities including the NAACP, the American Legion, the Caldwell Ministerial Association, Blue Ridge Community Action, and the Masons, just to name a few. After many years of dedicated service, Reverend Battle died in 1983, and the celebration of his life was held at Dulatown Presbyterian Church.

Following Reverend Battle, Reverend Chester B. Johnson and Reverend Edwin Thompson served as ministers at Dulatown Presbyterian Church. They were followed by Reverend Elijah B. Freeman from 1974 to 1989. Reverend Freeman was instrumental in establishing the Church at its present site in 1981and in establishing Dulatown Presbyterian Day Care Center. The Day Care Center was relocated from the Church to another site, a center still in operation and expanded.

Dr. Raymond Worsley from Charlotte, North Carolina and Reverend Flemon McIntosh served as Moderators who provided ministers to serve Dulatown Presbyterian until Reverend Olen V. Bruner elected minister for Dulatown Presbyterian. He came with the concept taken from Proverbs 29: 18… “Where there is no vision, people will perish.” Also, he worked to reestablish the Dulatown Presbyterian Daycare Center.

Upon the departure of Reverend Bruner, Reverend Laura Long served as supply minister for six years. She was dedicated and supportive of the Church Day Care Center, to relieving the Church tax burdens, and to the adorning the Church grounds with flowers.

Reverend Isaac G. Moore served as minister at Dulatown Presbyterian Church from 1997 to 2005. Learning and practicing the words of the Bible represented his leadership. Working with the men of the Church, many renovation were made to the Church facility. He was very active within the community through visitation and support. Upon Reverend Moore’s departure, Reverend Jacqueline Alexander ministered to our congregation embracing caring and serving the Lord.

Interim pastor, Reverend Jacqueline Alexander, served as the pastor of Dulatown Presbyterian Church following the departure of Reverend Moore from May, 2006 through June, 2008. Reverend Alexander brought with her a wealth of experiences that impacted her ministry of caring and serving the Lord.

During the interim between Reverend Alexander’s departure and the search for a new minister, Elders Angela Battle, James Millsap, and Hazel Dula alternately filled the pulpit and maintained the word of God through the Holy Spirit.

In 2009 Pastor Alyce Kelly accepted the call to the pulpit at Dulatown Presbyterian Church. She demonstrated her commitment to winning souls to Christ, to leading meaning-driven Bible studies, to serving the youth and the young adults of the church, and to engaging in all of the activities of the church.

Reverend Harold Bennett was called to serve as the pastor at Dulatown Presbyterian Church in July, 2012, through the Presbytery’s program, “For Such a Time as This”. His ministry has been rich in his love and support for the children of the church; his teaching the word of God through challenging and exciting bible studies; and his constant stories that the congregants anticipate eagerly during Sunday morning worship. Additionally, he has encouraged and participated in positive change and involvement throughout our community.

Dulatown Presbyterian has been richly blessed through its 92 years serving the Lord and serving the community through faith and love.

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