Instill Love of God Through Community, Discipleship,
Fellowship and Spiritual Growth

Who we are

Our theology: Hope

To build on the church's foundation through Grace — that all members will use their various gifts from God, in varying proportions, for the specific purpose of sharing these gifts for the love, protection and betterment of our church and community.

As stewards of our gifts, it is our duty to utilize our gifts and talents wisely towards meeting the will of God for our lives here on earth.

That we may follow the teachings of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to operate as a unified body and not for selfish reasons.

Our Tenants

1. "We are all a part of God's Body; therefore, we are called to assist one another to actualize possibilities and opportunities for each personal growth and fulfillment in the word of Christ.

2. To provide unification among the various organizations within the church and it's community.

3. To bring forth the various God given gifts and talents that we are graced with for the collective uplifting of the Body of Christ.

4. Break down the strongholds, barriers and chains that keep our community in bondage through the healing power of prayer and positive communications.

5. To be a biblically correct community as oppose to a political correct community.

6. Making room to love our enemies and their sins without judgment and compromising our biblical integrity.

7. To help educate and support the body of Christ by teaching, leading, praying and following Christ like principles.

Dulatown Presbyterian Church is more than a building – and in our case more than the former school building it once served as. But we continue to use our renovated facility for education.

We are a teaching church, Biblically based. As a member of the Presbyterian Church (USA) we are a reformed congregational church, yet we also belong to a larger church and a greater church, the universal church of Jesus Christ.

As stewards of our gifts, it is our duty to utilize those gifts and talents wisely as we give them back to God. We have a number of ministries and we encourage all of members and guests to participate in them.

We have a Children's church – for ages 5-13 – to under gird our youth. We also have an active fellowship for children, youth and teenagers.

Won't you join us in our mission for Christ?

Three Vital People In Our Lives That We Need

» A Paul — A mentor — someone to show us the ropes and be honest

» A Barnabas — A friend — someone to encourage Us

» A Timothy — A mentee — someone you can pour into who will give back to others the word of God

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